Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We're SMOKIN'!

Today (last night) just before 4 am I woke up panicked. It is open-window time here and all my windows were fully open. I woke up because I smelled smoke. My house is almost totally wooden - walls, ceilings, etc. so the smell of smoke puts me on edge. At 4 am I was out of bed with all the lights on inspecting every inch of the inside. I then grabbed a flashlight and inspected the outside. No fire but the smoke smell was overwhelming. I thought I was imagining it. I kept waiting to hear the sirens from the firehouse which is only one block away.

When it got light I looked outside and I could have sworn some jerk was burning leaves two doors down. The smoke was literally billowing. I turned on the early morning news and found out that due to a high pressure system the smoke from the south GA fires has made it up to metro Atlanta (250 miles). By about 3 pm it was manageable but so thick early this morning that I coughed and sneezed and felt nauseous until mid-afternoon.

How strange that this smoke could be so far away and yet wake me up from a deep sleep. Tonight I plan to get in bed embarrassingly early to make up for the loss.

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