Thursday, May 31, 2007

Easter Island

I've been doing a bit of online research about Chile just in case this contract comes through. I realize that when I went to Japan I did not nearly begin to take advantage of where I was. I did have the long weekend in Nikko but never saw Osaka or Nagasawi or Hiroshima. I never took the leap to go to Thailand or China or Vietnam or anyplace other than Tokyo. Stupid me.

Don't get me wrong - I am so fortunate to have had this experience - but I did not take full advantage of it. I went with such a narrow view (so American I think).

Now there is a chance I might end up in Santiago Chile for a while so I've been researching off and on. And I've discovered that Easter Island (where those massive Polynesian stone heads are) is not too far away and is a Chilean territory. And I have made a promise to myself that if I end up in Chile I will find time to g0 and see for myself.

I am so excited at the possibility! Maybe it won't come about but how many people can say they have had the possibility when flying from ATL to PIT is too much?!?!

My concern now is for the cats. Sonny I am sure is far too old to fly. And far too old to be left alone for weeks on end even with a pet sitter coming in a few times a week. At 17 (maybe 18) he is only concerned with going in the backyard and sleeping in the weeds. You can't imagine how much joy he gets from this simple thing. At the end of his life this is his complete joy. He comes in at night and sleeps in my arms and I only want to make sure that when the time comes this is where he is when he dies. Gracie (who was with me 15 years) died of old age in my arms while I talked to her and for 15 years of companionship I feel this was the very least I could do for her. For Sonny I could do no less and so I am completely torn. I cannot leave him here alone and yet cannot give up this opportunity. I can't think that he would survive another long flight and yet he is the toughest old manx there ever was. I will NOT have him put down for my convenience.

So. My job or the very personal commitments I made far before this job? Not sure now how to manage both but Gerard taught me that nothing is impossible. I know that time will tell. I only know that if I go away and have to take a call that Sonny has died while I am away I will feel I have let him down in the most important way.

So tonight I am excited but torn between what I know I want and the commitments I have made . . . .

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the veggie paparazzo said...

Aww, the bit about Sonny made me teary-eyed.