Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Project This Weekend

Wow. After spending February and March getting the (wonderful, gorgeous, stupendous) kitchen back into shape I pretty much took April off. Yes, I mowed the yard as needed and kept the house clean but other than that I didn't do too much.

Now it's Saturday, May 19.

There is a chance (a pretty good chance) that I will end up in Santiago, Chile in the way that I was in Japan only maybe a bit more humane. Maybe by August 1. Another start up office for an airline down there. So last Sunday I woke up and my first thought was what I needed to accomplish before an extended stay in another country. Frankly it freaked me out a bit. When I went to Japan it was the dead of winter and originally I was only staying for a month so I pretty much only needed to pack and get my bills lined up and get Widdi to visit the cats a few times a week. Now I am enlightened. And overwhelmed.

Last spring I cleared a lot of ivy and blackberry vines from my yard. Didn't get around to much else. For the next couple of months I want to get some basic stuff done just in case I travel.
So anyway, here is what my backyard view was earlier today:

Yeah - it's an overgrown nightmare. There is a lot I can't do too much about but I'm at least going to clear stuff and cut back and clear and then put down pine straw (BTW - I live in frigging GEORGIA and pine straw is $3.47 per bale!!! What's that about?)

Usually I plant flowers and tomatos and such but I'm not going to the trouble if there's a possibility of me leaving the country. I'll just clear and mulch so if/when I come back it will be manageable (HAHA). I love owning my own home but at times like this apartment living seems more appropriate.

Tomorrow's Lowe's list:

Pine straw

brush killer

yard waste bags

young, shirtless yard boy

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Susannah said...

Santiago, Chile!!!??? How wonderful! Jamie and I have friends we met in church (back when we went to church) who live there now. Gina is native Chilean, and Brian is American. They moved back there after she finished her Ph.D. They are so nice, and if you go there, I will let them know you're coming! That is so cool, Kitty.