Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend - Day 3

Tomato, Cucumber and Vidalia Onion Sandwich!

If you ain't from around these parts the above mentioned sandwich is the true start of summer. A tomato sandwich where the tomato is so juicy it runs to your elbow while you eat it. Most folks here in the US think Memorial Day is about barbeque. Hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs . . . seems to me it's a shame to fire up charcoal to grill one turkey burger so this year I celebrated the food side of the holiday with a summer sandwich.

Picture this: An onion sandwich roll with (light) mayo - on that put sweet vidalia onion, a couple of layers of ripe juicy tomato and a few slices of cuke. Season with a little salt and let it fall apart as you eat it. Ripe, summery, savory, and delicious! Honestly this is all I care to eat for quite a while but I'm forcing myself to broil a turkey burger tonight. On which I will layer plenty of tomato, sweet vidalia onion and cuke!

Today I cleaned the house thoroughly. Talked with Sam from Sydney tonight. Have my goals for the week planned out. Everything is in order - everything planned out. I know it will take about 3 hours tomorrow morning for it all to go to shit but for tonight I can eat my turkey burger and put my feet up and read a bit and go to bed.

Great weekend! They should all consist of 3 days!

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