Friday, January 12, 2007

Why I Love Cats

This are just examples, but I love them.

Phoebe is my 9 month old kitten. She has many funny quirks that make her different, just as every cat has something that makes them stand apart.

Sonny for instance likes to sleep in bare baskets. I once put a blanket in the bottom of his favorite sleeping basket to make it more comfortable and he refused to get in until I finally, many months later, took it out. He also likes to get head rubs. ONLY head rubs. Rub his back and you're on your own. He might allow it, he might not.

Dylan sleeps on the only floor heat register in the living room. DIRECTLY on top of it. Every night I have to get up 10 - 20 times to chase him off so the room will get a bit of heat. I've tried to coax him onto registers in other rooms but he likes that one best for some reason.

Camille MUST tell me everything she things is of importance, especially if it requires my attention. There was one night Sonny was out and would not come in no matter how much I called. Camille was very vocal all night until I went to bed. I got up in the middle of the night to lean out the back door and call him again and Camille ran out. I went out to grab her and she made me follow her up to the garden shed where she sat and planted herself and began meowing. Turns out Sonny had been in the shed when I closed it late the previous afternoon. Camille knew and was not going to rest until she made me fix the situation.

Phoebe is a strong and independent girl even if she is only still a kitten. She has one little thing she does that I love more than anything else. At night when I get in bed she gets beside me and sleeps on top of the covers. Almost every night, in the middle of the night, I am woken up to her gently batting me on the nose or mouth. Often I incorporate it into my dreams (don't ask). She keeps it up until I wake up. She only does this when she wants me to let her under to snuggle. So she bats gently, I eventually come to and lift the comforter and she crawls under and nestles up next to me and begins to purr. Even if I only have 20 minutes until the alarm I always go back to sleep happy, knowing life is good.

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