Friday, January 26, 2007


Long week working on a new project and it all ended tonight with a meeting of my investment club. Not as impressive as it sounds. In fact I think I would have been better off putting that money into my online savings (5.05%) but I am learning a lot and it is a networking thing and a social thing and honestly I do enjoy it.

Anyway I'm tired.

This week I got back to my workouts. I started in big time last year and did really well for the first 9 weeks but then had my surgery. It was not a big deal at all but in the past few weeks I've realized I am feeling back to my old self. A couple of weeks to recover from the surgery itself but 9 months to be truthful. Not that I've been hurting or anything. I really felt ready to dance by early April! I think I was in such bad shape by the time they took me in the OR that I didn't realize how bad it was and it just took longer to really get back to my old self than I ever realized.

Anyway, I've been on the treadmill every day and in the past week have worked up from feeling like I was going to die at 3 minutes yet going 20 to going 45 and feeling like I can increase that tomorrow! I do a walk/run combo. Walk 3 or 4 minutes then run 2 minutes or so. I am pretty damned proud of myself I have to say.

My treadmill is set up in my "office" so I can see the TV in the kitchen and I turn it on and go and try not to think about the time. I realized today that programming isn't always condusive to a workout so I've been spending the evening loading my iPod. I've now run out of the $25 iTunes card and so am loading my CDs - Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Queen, Santana. Earlier I loaded reggae - Red Red Wine and No Woman No Cry. Last week I bought Neil Young After The Goldrush but that isn't good workout stuff.

For a while (like, 10 years) I lost track of music. I rarely play it at home and listen to NPR in the car. This iPod has really brought me back in touch with music I love. Now if only I could catch up with what the kids are listening to these days . . .

And while I'm on the subject of "kids these days . . . " Can I hear a shout out from others who think this style of wearing one's pants down past the pubic area and showing 16" of boxer shorts is the stupidest looking thing ever?? How do they walk? What is the point? How old AM I? I've turned into the old lady I never wanted to be but I just don't get how this is cool. If only I could be 10 years older - I swear I would lean out the car window and yell at them to pull up their pants.

Rant over.



Susannah said...

Oops....meant to comment on this post:

Dudette, where is your online savings? Seems like a great rate!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Good to hear that you restarted working out.