Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I swear I have a few unexpectedly delicious low-fat/calorie recipes to post here and I promise I will but tonight we have "winter precipitation" moving in which means I will likely wake up to 1/2" of ice tomorrow and possibly no power so tonight I'm just knitting. And then tearing out the mistakes and then knitting and then tearing out the mistakes . . . this first sweater is making me crazy!

Stay warm unless you're Paul in Sydney (stay cool Paul! I adore you darling!).

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Susannah said...

Several unrelated things:

1. You inspired and motivated me to kick myself in the butt and start exercising more consistently. Thank you!

2. OK....Your blog DEFINITELY needs a new look! The color is school cafeteria pea greeny yellow. I highly recommend playing around with all the cool new features in blogger.

3. Did you buy anything on Woot the other day?

4. Did you see the penis-from-space that I sent you?

5. You should do a 100 Things entry. See this example:

Peace out!