Monday, January 15, 2007

In Extreme Honor of Miss Jessie

No, she's "still a-kickin' and she ain't dead yet" as she says everytime I talk with her. She is, however, about to turn 95. She lives alone quite well, thank you, and still does her own yard work. She is my dear next door neighbor and threatens me with a whippin' if I misbehave. This is quite enough to keep me in line I assure you. I would not ever want a Miss Jessie whippin'.

People are kind to her. People come to paint her house and help her with things she could surely do on her own. Eventually. She claims we are all "about to push her out of this world." I tell her I can't understand it since she's been so MEAN to everyone all her life. She laughs and laughs and so do I.

At Christmas I give her a gift card to the grocery store. At her birthday in March I do the same. This might as well be a gold brick to her. She worked as a domestic and there IS no social security for her. I only wish I could do more. I know every morning she wakes up and looks for my lights and I do the same with her. If she sees something out of the ordinary for me she calls and I do the same.

Dr. King would feel content today that we have the relationship we have. For me it is a no-brainer. I love and adore this woman - this icon. I am fortunate to live beside a woman who teaches me every day. Sometimes her lessons are difficult - more often they make me laugh and rejoice. I only hope I keep the dream by making her feel the same. And I hope I will carry them on.

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Susannah said...

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