Saturday, July 08, 2006


Today I "harvested" the first of my potato containers. Yikes! I have a lot to learn!

These are the Purple Majesty and were in the smallest containers. These are the total of the harvest after I dug through and left behind the additional 10 or so that had rotted underground. I have the feeling I might have watered them too much. Good lesson learned. Still I feel a weird sense of accomplishment. There are 3 varieties in 2 containers still to harvest and I think I'm going to lay off the water for a week or so and see what they do.

Japanese cucumbers?

I got these very fine "tomato" cages just before I left for WV and the cukes are already climbing them. I hope I didn't plant them too late. I hope they have room in the pot. I LOVE Japanese cukes - so good sliced lengthwise and used to dip a bit of miso paste!

Tomatoes? I think everything at this point looks quite positive. There are probably 30 tomatoes in various stages of green size at this poitn and I can't wait for the first to turn red and ripe and juicy. You can only see a few from this angle but there are so many!

We have finally had some rain here and the temps have cooled to the point where I have even turned off the AC and opened the windows for fresh air. I don't know why - maybe because the AC unit is down in the musty crawl space - but the house just smells so much better with windows open instead of AC. I only run it when I can't possibly tolerate it without. I use my boobs as the judge. Ladies you know what I'm talking about.

Here in GA we have the primaries on July 18 and all I see on the TV is negative ads. I am so sick of them. Democrat, Republican - they all do it now. More interested in pointing out the other guy's bad things than in promoting what they will do to make things better. Every day I go through a "I'm not voting for anyone" stage but I know better. Still I hate these ads - it does nothing for the betterment of any political view and only adds to the further divisiveness of this country. Is there no way to convince these politicians to stop this crap? I would so much rather see a counterpoint on an issue followed by a good plan than a personal attack using mis-quoted and mis-represented "facts." I might just vote green party this year. Here in GA our 2 democrat primary choices are "the big guy who looks out for the little guy" and the woman who denigrates the "big guys" as holding GA back. I would dearly love to put a woman in place a governor but have yet to see one specific thing this woman will do for our state. She won't win. As a liberal woman who votes she will not get mine until she stops slinging shit and starts telling me specifically what she plans to do.

Oh shit. Another 2 years of this? Someone send me back to Japan NOW!


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