Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Funny Photo Alert!

Here in "Hotlanta" we are getting off pretty easy compared to the rest of the country. Our highs are only between 95 and 98 lately.

I got home from work today and put down my purse and looked out the kitchen window to see how much of the backyard was wilting and saw just about the funniest sight I have seen in a long time! I have a resident squirrel who is evidently a big sissy drama queen. Here's a photo - said squirrel is literally spread-eagled on his stomach on a large piece of black granite by the pond. Photo is not great quality because I had to shoot through the window and screen but if you can make it out it's pretty funny . . .

Here's the punch line: the yellow thing about an inch to the left of the squirrel is a cob of dried corn put out as squirrel food. It's just too hot to even eat. We can only stare at our food.

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Susannah said...

That is a hoot!!! I love it!!!