Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lord Have Mercy! Sister Susannah (the new age nun) has this habit of keeping everything she has ever bookmarked which I frankly think is unhealthy but that's only because I tend to not bookmark and also I clean out my favorites regularly. To each her own. Think I will start keeping everything. Luckily she kept this link which she first sent several years ago and re sent today. It is so hilarious, so funny, so totally 1974 that I urge you to get a good box of kleenex out before you click. I have literally been sitting here for 30 minutes in hysterical laughter (the kind that almost worries me) with tears running down my face.

Please enjoy!



Susannah said...

I second Kitty. This is a hoot! I'm glad you posted the link!

On a food side note, Kitty, I harvested a small crop of potatoes today. All are beautiful...no rotting. Will try to think of a 1974-weight-watchers-card-esque recipe. Will send pics of harvest soon.

Suerk said...

I took one look at "Rosy Perfection Salad" and blew lunch over my laptop.

gaga said...

My personal favorite is Mackerelly! It was the link in the final card comments that made me hysterical.

Evidently the key to low-cal cooking is ceramic props.