Sunday, July 30, 2006

Feng Shui

Before I continue, just in case you noticed, yes indeed I did remove my ranting post about the ridiculous men who roam the on-line dating sites. A friend forwarded a profile to me because she thought it was funny and it kind of was, but then I got caught up surfing this particular site and was so utterly and completely disgusted that I posted a rant. After thinking about it I decided men like this are not worth taking up cyber space and so I removed it. Feel free to contact me if you would like to hear my opinion. I know there's one man who is not like this. Unfortunately he is 7,700 miles away. . . and he is blushing right now.

OK. On to the topic at hand. My latest BNU online class is Feng Shui. I signed up for it because I already had the book (excellent book) and I thought what the hell. It has changed my life, people! The initial thing is de-cluttering. Every "thing," every object, has energy. When your home is full of useless clutter it can create energy chaos. The good energy cannot flow unimpeded. This makes so much sense to me. Before the unfortunate achilles incident I had started gathering a few boxes of potential yardsale items. That was more than 2 years ago! This class has really gotten me off my ass. I have been throwing away old, worn clothing and shoes, boxing up gifts from old boyfriends, posting things on Craigslist, and my home is now so comfortable - so wonderful! And this is only the first stage. I still have to enhance my energy centers. This will come in time. For now I am thrilled with the de-cluttering process.

I will be having a yard sale sometime in the next two weeks (the instructor challenged me to do it before the final day of class on August 14). Anything not sold will be offered on Freecycle. Anything not claimed on Freecycle will be donated. It's ALL going to go!

Again, I urge you to check out Barnes and Noble University for free classes on line. There really is something for everyone. This is a class I will take at least once more, but I also look forward to the next session of offerings!

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