Monday, July 10, 2006

I promise I won't. I promise I won't. AARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I HAVE TO DO IT!!!!

This is Dylan (on the treadmill) and Phoebe (under the treadmill). They are fast friends, mainly because Dylan is so dear and sweet and, as a purebred, beautiful but kind of half a bubble shy of plumb. Dumb you might say, but so loving. They get in this position all the time and spend hours swatting at each other. Simple things . . . Look at Phoebe's eyes. Everything she sees is the most amazing f*cking thing ever! This is what is so remarkable about a kitten. You bring one in and all of a sudden you see everything for the first time and it's better than living in Japan and better than acid. Not that I've ever lived in acid mind you. The last kitten I had here was dear departed Gracie back in January 1988 (she died a very calm sweet death in my arms on December 17 2004 at age 16). I had forgotten how AWESOME PURPLE FUZZY MICE COULD BE!!!

OK, enough from the cat whisperer.

Sister Susannah (the new age nun) sent me a link back in April or so to Barnes and Noble University These are free classes and book study groups where you go at your own pace and the sessions are 4 or 6 weeks. In June I took Money Management for Women which was an excellent course - it confirmed much of what I knew, reinforced some of what I suspected, and taught me so much by prompting me to go through my own finances and re-evaluate. I evaluated all of my insurance coverage and re-distributed my 401(k) and have developed a plan that will allow me to retire by the age of 79 (93 if I want to avoid a trailer)!!! The new session started today and I have signed up for Feng Shui your Life (because I already had the book) and Basic Web Page Design (HTML book on the way). Looks so good and I cannot recommend BNU enough if you have some curiousity about things. I am curious by nature and read a lot anyway but so often I read and don't put the practices to work. With self-paced "assignments" I am far more prompted to pursue what I learn in the books. I would encourage you to check it out. There is pretty much something for everyone.

OK. That's all for now.


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Peggy said...

"Sister Susannah (the new age nun)" - that is just too funny!!

(I'm a co-worker of hers...) :-)