Monday, May 29, 2006

My Sad Little List

OK. I make lists. It is the way I navigate through my various responsibilities. It is how I remember what needs to be done and how I track my way through accomplishing everything.

Here was my list for this holiday weekend:

1. Trash out shed and take yard sale stuff to porch
2. pressure wash house and concrete
3. Clean/Wash truck
4. Filing project
5. get IRS stuff together
6. checking account reconciliation
7. scrape mudroom ceiling
8. try paint sample on bedroom ceiling

Out of these 8 things I was able to cross two off my list - I have now pressure washed the whole house and patio/driveway. It about killed me, really it did. I was so sore and exhausted last night that I could not sleep and woke up this morning with only about 4 hours rest.

I did accomplish enough on the filing project that I felt I could cross it off. The box of papers is gone now and only a small manageable pile left. I did good on this one.

But nothing else happened. Wid would say that I did more in 3 days than she could do in 12 months and I am happy with the fact that I got the outside done and also managed to clean the house today.

Overall a good holiday weekend. Y'all all need to drop by. I'll throw a few steaks on the Weber.

Now it is time to go get in the shower - only 2 more days until I have AC again. Was 92 here today. I am not a happy camper.


Liz said...

"5. get IRS stuff together"???


Do you mean you have not filed your income tax reports yet???

Shhhhh! We won't tell the IRS men... yet!

How is the BBQ going? I take my steak blue, thank you!

gaga said...

OK Liz, you are right, that #5 should be clarified. I am a fine, upstanding, law abiding US citizen and I did indeed file my taxes 2 months before the deadline this year. But the day after I mailed them I found out from a co worker that since I lived out of the country last year I have a right to further refunds, and so need to file an amendment and a special ex-pat form. YAAAAYYYY!!!! I will go to the CPA during lunch today and get this process underway.