Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cyber-revenge to the Umpteenth Degree!

OK. I really don't like mean people at all, but this is kind of hilarious. This guy bought a used laptop off eBay and not only was it not what the seller described, it was BROKEN!!! So the buyer spent even more money to extract the data from the hard drive and has taken his revenge by creating a blog. In a way it makes me cringe. But if you've ever been ripped off you have to admire the creativity. Part of me thinks this is not right but then a larger part of me says hey, this jerk sold this laptop and also all the contents of the hard drive because he did not have the sense to clean it first and it is the new owner's right to post anything he wants.

At any rate, please read and let me know what you think. Is the buyer more wrong than the seller? Let's have an ethics debate!

Note to self: Do not sell ancient Gateway until you have removed the hard drive!

and if you want to read more, along with all the comments left by the half million people who have visited the site:


Liz said...

Kitty, here is my two cents...

I don't mind at all seeing the pictures of this Amir guy all over the net and his plot being exposed. My opinion is Amir got what he disserved.

But, I strongly object to the publishing of other "innocent" people pictures, family or otherwise...

As far as BBC and the "hate crime", I think someone, somewhere, obviously facing the blank page syndrome, went through a lot of trouble to reverse the facts and turn a cyber criminal into a victim… It seems in this world of Political Correctness, there is a form of censorship that prevents anyone to report any wrong doing by someone who differs from him/her…

I’m fed up with this… A crime is a crime and it should be reported, no matter the colour, nationality, age or gender of the perpetrator. People are different and are (thank god!) now accepted with their differences. But it should be also OK to pinpoint those differences to be able to identify a person.

OK, I will stop my ranting now and If ever I get rid of my old dinosaur, I must remember to wipe clean it, otherwise, the world might be flooded with John Cusack’s pictures… ;-)

Paul said...

Yes, I read your blogs. Hell, I would read your lipstick blotches on a napkin. Let's talk by phone (pheune) sometime soon.
As for Amir, he sucks.