Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh Lordy! Well, it's mostly sanded now but I keep running into sticky little problems that have to be fixed - like the rotten and crumbling "kick-plate" under the counter. I removed it tonight and need to replace it tomorrow. And a few pieces of mudroom window trim with the old termite damage but since this house was hand built replacing this is going to require that I reove a couple of pieces that I would prefer not to have to remove. And I'm having one heck of a time trying to uninstall that bathroom exhaust thing. I know I can call on Ramiro for any and all of this if I get stuck but I'd rather do the creative problem solving thing and figure it out on my own. Anyway, here is the hell that is my kitchen right now:

The other thing is that I couldn't choose a paint color if my life depended on it. I do not want this thing to be white white on white with white so I'm looking at sage greens but somehow I'm not confident with that choice. No blues. I want the trim and cabinets to be clean white but I'd like to go with a green I think - kind of pull in the backyard view. SIGH.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gaga!

Maybe I don't understand your problem, but, instead of sanding all that pink, why not have simply used a coat of primer over it and then it would have been easily ready for the colour of your choice.

Also, you did a real good job on that sweater! :-)


gaga said...

Darling Liz mon cherie,

Rest assured I am priming as I write. But I am cursed with the drive to do everything right and in order for any primer and subsequent paint to stick right, especially in a kitchen where dirty dorty cooking dirt has built up for 8 years, one must at least rough up the surface of painted wood with a tiny bit of sanding first! I must note that even with sanding the pink woodwork is taking 2 coats of primer (the woodwork will all be white gloss). It is looking better and better and cleaner and cleaner and I can only say I've been on a mission. But I'll stop now because this isn't a post and I will repeat myself.

Glad you enjoyed the sweater - are you a knitter?

Waving at you from balmy spring-like Atlanta my friend!