Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kitchens and On-Line Dating

The kitchen project is progressing. Ramiro and his crew of 2 cursed me with their wonderful work last week. Since then I have tried to spend a couple of hours every night sanding woodwork in prep for painting and fixing things and sanding some more and with any luck by tomorrow night I should be in a position where I can wake up Saturday and start scrubbing everything down. My goal for the weekend is to get all walls and woodwork primed at least.

Today on my lunch break I went to Lowe's and ordered the range hood. The CONtractor who flipped this house installed a bathroom exhaust above the stove and it is the most ineffective godawful greasepit you could imagine. At Christmas 2004 Mom and Dad gave me a Lowe's gift card because I told them I wanted a real range hood. Today I finally spent it. The hood should be in in 8 - 10 days which I figure will give me time to get the painting done.

I totally get flipping houses and in fact I think it would be great to try it. Of course I probably would not make a dime because I believe in trying one's best to do things right. The longer I live in the house the more I see the stupid shortcuts that were taken for the sake of a few bucks. For instance the range hood/bathroom exhaust. A cheap range hood is $30. And not taping drywall seams or taping them with masking tape which holds for about 5 years and then crumbles? We're talking what? $4.00 for a roll of seam tape? And about 10 minutes of mudding and sanding? How about painting over 50 year old termite damage instead of spending $2.00 and 10 minutes to replace a tiny piece of trim? I could choke this guy.

I'll post photos later but now I'm on the laptop.

A few weeks ago a friend kind of coerced me into joining and it has at the least provided me with some entertainment. My profile is about as honest as you could get. I posted one of the only recent existing photos of me where I am totally windblown and sweaty and showing a bit of a second chin and in my profile I say openly that I allowed myself to get out of shape and overweight in the past 5 years but I am working on it and enjoying the process of reversing it. Honestly I kind of am daring anyone to take interest in me because I think it would take a daring and understanding man to put up with me and I'm not interested in misleading someone and then meeting them only to disappoint them. I am what I am and finally I am OK with that. I say openly that "hot" doesn't mean a lot to me - we will all someday end up with our teeth in a glass at night and need help getting in and out of the bathtub and in the end it is the ability to be a friend and companion that means the most to me.

What just kills me is the guys on this site. They have user names like "thestudmuffin," "hard69," "slowneasy," and "gr8lvr." Yeah right. Give me a break here. I am not a prude by any means (seriously - NOT A PRUDE - I can get nekkid with the best of them) but what makes these guys think that is a real turn on as a user name on a dating site? Am I missing something? I read these and all I can think is "tiny limp dick." I would so much rather find this out on my own than be informed of it online before I know you! Methinks the lady doth protest too much. This is so entirely funny to me. And then there are the guys who post a photo of their 300 pound 5'7" selves and describe themselves as "average" or "fit and trim" and specify that they are only looking for a "slender" gal. Or even better the guys who feel the need to get all poetic and romantic in their profile. How could they ever live up to this and still keep a job? "I want you to walk along the banks of the river with me in autumn . . . oh yeah, and then scrub my toilets and make dinner."

I am now considering this to be an experiment in human nature and the difference between the sexes. I amuse myself by sending emails to guys and telling them I am sure we're not a match but I just had to tell you you look like Will Ferrell or I know you only want a fit and trim woman but I'm a bit fat and I think you're cute. It's interesting. What I know for sure is that some day the right man will appear or he won't. In any case I am happy. It is the journey that interests me.

I so apologize for my rather crude comments here but seriously!

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