Friday, June 02, 2006


Feel a great need to go back to the Caribbean. Been lookin at it. Maybe. Or maybe I could stay home and spend no money at all and preserve my small savings and spend the time off shopping the deals at Kroger for cheap cottage cheese. I want a beach. I need a beach. No beach for 2 years and I WANT IT! Do not want my headstone to read "She was frugal." Thoughts? I have been very frugal for two years and my last vacation was paid off a year ago. I have worked really hard and sacrificed and saved a tiny bit. Blah blah. I want to be on a beach now, and I need it. Would this be OK with you all? Is it irresponsible for me to consider this? I look at my savings and available credit and I could go on vacation for 3 months and run it all up but all I want is one fairly manageable week to dig my toes in the sand. Is this OK??


Suerk said...

Get to the beach posthaste! If I remember correctly, your last trip enabled you to connect with a beachboy or two. That sounds just fine to me

gaga said...

Ah Suerk, bless your heart! I figured you would support me in this.

Yes, the beachboys of Orient Beach! Darling, curly-haired Belgian Bernard who anticipated my thirst and brought me bottles of ice cold water before I knew I thirsted! The amazingly brown and toned Frenchmen in their thongs, frolicking on the sand with their children while their bare breasted snooty ultra-thin wives languished under large umbrellas.

As I recall though Suerk, God smote me something fierce for enjoying this eye candy!