Monday, February 04, 2008


(Open stupid letter to the cats who can;t speak English anyway)

Dear my sweet ones,

I'm coming home and in 48 hours we will all be curled up on the sofa loving on each other if you will forgive me. I think you will. I'll try hard to come home more often but this job is why I was able to afford Dylan's many bloodworks and Phoebe's knee surgery and I think you can all agree that you are well cared for even when Mommy isn't home. I wouldn't ever do this job if I couldn't make sure you were all alright while I am gone. It doesn't happen too often and I need for you all to understand that even though I love you so much sometimes I have to be away more than I want to be away.

Get ready because we have 4 days of hugs and kisses and wet food and loving. I know you will all pretend to hate it but I know you all will love it and I will too. I need you all so much because this has been a really hard month without my babies!

48 hours and counting down.



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