Friday, February 22, 2008

I wish I could explain

I wish I could come here and tell you what life is like now and give a good reason for not checking in more often. I can't put it into words.The past four weeks have been constant work and today I took my first day "off" in the past month. I tried not to feel guilty but I needed it. I needed to do nothing except relax and I did and I feel much better now.

You know, I got here January 5 and the first couple of weeks it was no probem - and then the shit hit the fan and my 3 weeks extended to almost 5 and then I was home for 4 days and worked constantly the whole time so there was no reason for me to be at home since I had no time and then I was back here and now I am going home again next weekend and will be home a week and then back here . . . so my head is swimming and sheesh - here there is a distinct autumn crispness in the air at night even if it's still summer during the day and I will return to winter hinting on spring and 2 days after I get back the time will change here and HOW THE LIVING FUCK am I supposed to keep up with all of this?

What keeps me going is the people I work with. Sam, of course, who is my dinner buddy and when he is down I can talk him back up and when I am down he can talk me back up. But tonight I want to talk about Eduardo L. because Eduardo L. is just the greatest after Sam.

Eduardo didn't even acknowledge me for the first two weeks I was here and I don't know why he eventually did but turns out he is me only male and younger and God Almighty he has the prettiest curly black hair and will tell you himself in a heartbeat how gorgeous he is and how his wife gets on her knees every night to thank God that he is in her life. It's a Chilean arrogance thing that I love.

Eduardo is the only person on the face of the entire universe who can say the things he does to me and it doesn't bother me. He constantly makes fun of my age which is a bit older than anyone else. He calls me "grandma" and then turns around and puts his entire collection of AC/DC albums on my external hard drive. He tells everyone in the office that I was at Woodstock with my first husband. If I get up from my desk to go get coffee he lowers my chair so that when I sit down I crash. I told him I was going to get a tattoo and he asked me where I would put it and I told him on my ass and he told me it was going to have to be a big tattoo. Seriously no one else would live through a comment like that.

Because of this I sometimes turn around and thwack him upside his head when he least suspects it. He tells me he understands now why I can not keep a husband. I tell him to tell his wife I said hello and that I am sorry for her and hope she does better in her next marriage.

We have been told that we are like 8 year old siblings who bicker at each other all day. He is indeed my South American brother.

Every Friday we go through this thing about how we know the other will miss us so much and how heartbreaking the weekend will be without each other. In so may ways this is the truth for me at least.

Eduardo wants to join the team that does these startups and I for one hope this will happen because I can't imagine being in a strange place for months on end without people like Sam and Eduardo.

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