Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Cat Toy

This thing is GREAT!

I saw a video on the net this past weekend and immediately ordered it. It arrived today. The tiny tiny hitch is that the ball which rolls around the perimeter of the scratching pad was supposed to flicker light. It didn't. But I called customer service immediately and they are sending a replacement. I highly recommend Drs Foster and Smith if you are a pet person. Good - really good customer service and so polite.

Anyway I did a bit more video and here it is:

Hoooooooo hooo! I can embed video! BTW I absolutely hate the verb "to imbed." It should not be a verb. Also "impact" should not be a verb. Something can have an impact on something else but cannot impact something else unless it's a metorite or something. Pet peeve.

Just tonight's video and grammar . . .


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Susannah said...

I don't mind "impact," as in, "It will impact my decision...." It's "impacted" I don't like -- "It impacted my decision...." I can't not think of impacted colons when I hear the word used this way.