Thursday, April 19, 2007

Baby Robins

When I came back very briefly from Japan in May 2005 I noticed a nest up in the eaves just below my roofline. It was a perfect birdnest but due to being overwhelmed with jetlag and getting the cats vaccinated and redstamped to fly back to Japan with me I didn't take much more notice.

Last year the nest was still there - it is a very sheltered location way up high and hard to notice unless you are a human and are inspecting your house for peeling paint.

This year I think I'm looking more to the sky and less to the ground and so I noticed when I saw robin activity - a couple who flew in and out and in and out. My hopes were high for this 2 year old nest. Soon the female started spending much more time in the nest. A week or so ago there was again constant activity and when I saw one of the parents fly in with a beakful of worms I knew the eggs had hatched but it's so high up I couldn't really see anything.

Two days ago I thought I saw some fuzzy grey feathers and so got my video camera out. I have only had this video camera about 3 weeks now. I bought it so completely cheap on during the last woot off and I have not used it much but have not regretted a moment of having it. It's a JVC mini DV recorder and I love it - it's almost as small as my 3 1/2 year old sony digital camera! NOTE TO SELF: Get about 3 extra batteries for it in case of travel.

Anyway, yesterday I shot a little of the 4 baby robins kind of hanging over the edge of the nest but about 30 minutes ago I noticed the mom and dad flying in and out and so grabbed the camera and planted myself and I got the most incredible footage (I'm talking like Spielberg now right?) of both parents swooping in and shoving huge clumps of worms down the throats of their young!

I have always thought I should have been an anthropologist/historian/midwife/landscape designer/dolphin trainer/interior designer/veterinarian/tap dancer/country music singer/lapdancer (yeah right) . . . now I think I should add nature documentary filmaker to that endless list. I used to think my list of interests made me flighty. Now I think it makes me well-rounded and whole.


Susannah said...


Upload it to YouTube, then you can embed the movie into your blog! You'll love it!


gaga said...

All, I always learn the most wonderful things from Susannah! After the above comment I did indeed upload my very first video to youtube. Initially I posted the link to it and then Susannah came back with another instruction about how to actually embed the video here in my post. I'm just so terribly impressed that my sister knows this stuff.

Susannah, I love Divine Sparks but I so wish you would start another blog with IT tips. Maybe you think everyone knows how to upload a video to youtube but I didn't. And I didn't know how to embed it in a post. And I didn't know about until you told me. And I didn't know about stumbleupon until you told me. You really need to do another blog and share more of this stuff with the masses.

Your sister doesn't just love you - she is in awe of you!

Susannah said...

You are so sweet! Actually, though, I have to give a lot of props to my coworker, Lauren, who told me about woot and stumbleupon. She's usually first to find out about these cool technologies.

BTW...I didn't have time to call you back because I was in a workshop all day. Will call you this weekend some time.

I'm so proud of how you pick up this stuff and just run with it!

Liz said...

Gaga Girl, this is so great! I was watching the video and nothing seemed to happen and all of a sudden we see the parents feeding their babies! C'est magnifique!

Right now, I'm "teaching" computer skills to an very dear, sweet lady, who is 88 year old... Next week, your little video will be part of the class...

And you did a heck of a job in that kitchen and mudroom! So much brighter!