Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Thanksgiving Plans

They have just changed. I read several blogs every day. One is a local woman who has survived cancer and is a newlywed. A couple of nights ago her husband was hit by a car in downtown Atlanta and is now in the hospital suffering from many fractures and bruises. He was thrown 30 feet when he was hit. Frankly he is lucky to be alive.

I have been following the news as she posts. He will be in the hospital for a while, and will certainly be there tomorrow. I just called her and asked if she needed anything and also asked if they had any kind of Thanksgiving meal lined up. They don't. And so I am going to cook this turkey I bought and take them a real non-hospital Thanksgiving dinner.

I feel useful, and this turkey won't go to waste. I had not planned to do any of the trimmings but am about to re-evaluate and go shopping. These people could use a bit of holiday and I plan to provide it.

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