Thursday, November 23, 2006


What a great day! The weather here was sunny and in the high sixties, I spent the day cooking and enjoying my kitchen and then packed it all up and drove it to Grady Hospital where I finally met Sally and Dan and enjoyed a nice meal and good company.

Dan is a very lucky man. He was walking across a street in midtown Atlanta last Sunday - he was in a crosswalk and he had the right of way - when a speeding SUV hit him. Luckily he was carrying his photography equipment in a bag and this could well have saved his life as he was carrying it on the side where he was hit. The impact threw him 30 feet and knocked one of his tied sneakers off. He landed under the bumper of a parked car. Truly it is a miracle that he wasn't killed. Luckily he only has a few pelvic fractures and many bruises and something strange going on with his shoulder (which they won't x-ray because it isn't life-threatening).

He is also lucky to have a wife like Sally who has been by his side at Grady watching out for his best interests minute by minute. Grady is maybe the best trauma center in the southeast but they are in the business of stabilizing patients and do little else once this is accomplished. Dan has a nasty wound on his forehead and today I found out that this wound wasn't even cleaned! It was a bloody and his hair mat matted on it but Grady didn't so much as wipe it off. Sally finally did this. Grady lost his personal possessions (wallet, keys, etc.) and so Sally has had to go through the additional hassle of cancelling credit cards and all the red tape that goes with a situation like that. Seriously, if you are in a trauma situation Grady is probably the best place you can go but once they do their work if you want continuing care you need to transfer to DeKalb or Emory or St. Joseph's. Unfortunately because of the holiday this has been delayed for Dan.

Anyway, I hope you'll keep these two in your thoughts and prayers. They are just the nicest people and are going through a pretty rough time right now.

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