Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Christmas Prep

Five years ago this month my marriage finally ended. The first year I was in a stupor and unable to really decorate. The next few years I was still depressed and on top of that very busy with this new job and just did the minimum and that only to make me feel better. Last year I returned to my house on December 10 after being in Japan for a year and was too jetlagged to even go through the motions of getting a tree. This year is my coming out party!!!!

I don't think I've ever had my Christmas act together before December 8 or so but this year is different. I spent the year decluttering and making my little house a comfortable home and this year I am on top of it. This evening I crawled up in the attic and brought down a huge rubbermaid tub full of the "outside lights." I have plugged them all in to test and replaced the necessary bulbs and have made a list of things I need to get this week. (In the photo the tub looks empty because I have already tested and removed the C-7 strands and the icicle strands to the front porch)

Next week I really have no Thanksgiving plans but I've arranged to take the first 3 days of the week off so I can have a full week's vacation and I plan to spend those 3 days putting up outside lights. When I'm finished you'll be able to land small aircraft on my street. I want colored bulbs on shrubs and icicle lights and white lights on the crape myrtle and I want to make it a wonderous and beautiful sight. I think my prep work tonight will cut a number of hours off my task next week.

Phoebe kitten is just in awe of the lights. She loves them and when I plug in a strand to test her eyes get huge and she sits as close as she dares. I can't wait to put up the tree. Every year the cats love to sit under the lit tree and with a 6 month old kitten I am sure we will all find new and fascinating tree decorating ideas!


Suerk said...

Very cool. You sound happy, motivated, forward-looking, and happy with who and what you are. I hope to get to Hotlanta sometime soon for a GREAT dinner out (as well as a home-cooked one at your gorgeous table!).

Liz said...

The table look fantastic Kitty!

I love the idea of a landing strip in your street! ;)

How is the pain in your chest doing? Better, I hope!

gaga said...

Suerk, indeed I am all of the above and it really feels good. And you are welcome in my country kitchen any time. Today I made an awesome pumpkin apple bread - will post the recipe. Now I just need to give it away so it's out of my house an not a temptation!

Liz! Yes I am much better and might even describe it as 100% recuperated. Now I just need to detox from all the medication! I was on so many things and finally when I got the final medication for the shingles it worked within days. So weird that I have had this twice now and never had the rash but I'm thankful for that and also that the pain is gone now after 4 weeks. Most people who get this suffer for 2 or 3 months!