Thursday, August 24, 2006

Prepare for Brain Fade and Eyes to Roll Back Into Your Head

This will mean nothing to you but I have to share. I am here in Tokyo to train staff to use the new interface that I have spent a great deal of time testing. I have tested every possible aspect of it because it is important to me that I provide this office with something as close to perfect as possible. I tested stupid scenarios that would never happen in reality but could happen within the parameters of our system. I want this office to know I am looking out for them and value me enough that I can return from time to time and be considered a welcomed visitor who brings things that will make their lives easier. My Japan experience gave me so much and I want to give back by making things as easy for them as possible.

Yesterday afternoon I began the training. Almost immediately we ran into a brick wall in terms of IT. I had no idea why this problem was happening and was heartbroken that it was not an immediate success. Last night I came back to the apartment and worked on it but the jet lag kicked in. All day today I worried about it (my IT contact is in London so the timing was off). All day I checked the time in London. At 5 I came to the apartment prepared for a long hard night of working it out.

Thanks to the absolute brilliance of Mike in London and a brief Skype call the interface is up and running now! I ran yesterday's file with total success and in the morning I will complete the initial staff training!!!! We aren't out of the woods yet but this is a HUGE thing, and a complete and almost perfect payoff for the many hours of mind-numbing testing I did over the past 5 months!!

WOO HOO!!! It's PARTY TIME in Tokyo tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you have perspective on my idea of "party time" I plan to walk down to the local takeout, pick up something edible, come back to the apartment and take a long bath in my deep and perfect Japanese bathtub. I will be asleep by 10 I promise. Unless of course there is something compelling on Japanese TV.

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