Monday, August 14, 2006

Lipstick, Kate Hudson and other stuff

Today it was announced that airline travelers can have lipstick on their carry on baggage. Let's face it - water, once you get through security, is readily available at high airport prices once you are on the concourse and free once you are on the plane. Not like you have to fly internationally with nothing to drink. But NO LIP BALM?!?!?! I can't go an hour without lip balm. I have lip balm in every drawer in my house and two or three tubes in my purse. Today's news was good news. I can fly now.

Kate Hudson and her singer husband (whats-his-name) are splitting after 6 years. Cheers Kate! You made it twice as long with one husband as I did with two combined!

The new participants in the next Dancing With The Stars competition was announced today. Jerry Springer for the love of god! Others of course but I do hope the judges throw chairs at this man. Still, I look back at last season (my first) and it was so GREAT and I swear if you didn't see Jessica Simpson's ex brother in law dance you missed a great dancer. He was truly a talented competitor. And who wouldda thunk it? He truly poured every bit of his heat, soul and body into it and it was a joy to watch. This is my guilty pleasure. Normally I and the cats prefer things like Grey's Anatomy and not much else. No SERIOUSLY - Phoebe gets on the chair by the TV when Grey's comes on and watches it from 2 inches away - she is intrigued.

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy - y'all didn't tell me there was a Season 1 while I was away!!!! For SHAME!!! I started watching in early March which I thought was season 1 and only recently found out it was actually (SERIOUSLY) season 2. So this weekend I went out and bought the season 1 DVD and don't you know between 1 pm Saturday and noon Sunday I had watched EVERY EPISODE. It was a gluttonous feast that I will never regret and yet I am still trying to get over the Mer/Der love hangover. I finally understand all the backstories and season 2 is out on DVD Sept 12 so I can catch up more and I guess late Sept season 3 will begin on TV. So I am almost caught up and I love it and this is maybe the best writing ever on TV including M*A*S*H and Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. So much of TV (mostof it) is total crap but this is bright, funny, compelling and well written and brilliantly acted stuff. Sandra Oh is a goddess and if you don't believe me rent Under the Tuscan Sun and Sideways and then watch her in this. $100 bucks says within 5 years she has an Oscar. She is a SERIOUSLY great actress. SERIOUSLY. For those who don't watch you won't get me saying "SERIOUSLY." But SERIOUSLY you need to watch this and now it will be on Thursdays at 9 so those of us who go to bed early can watch it without guilt.


Anonymous said...

haha I love that show too and love your coinage of Mer/Der. Didn't Sandra Oh get an Oscar for Sideways? Oh maybe she was nominated and didn't win. She's awesome.

gaga said...

Hi Anonymous! No, that was Virginia Madsen who was nominated for Sideways. Not that she didn't SERIOUSLY deserve the nomination but Sandra got ripped off. She was just great in it. A lot of people hated this movie - maybe I loved it because I saw it in Japan when I was starved for American entertainment but I loved it. Some truly great lines.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm not really Anonymous, I'm Chicago! But I can't remember my password and forget to sign. :)

I loved Sideways, loved Paul G., loved Va M. That's right it was Virginia who got the nod. But didn't Sandra get an Emmy for her role on Grey?


gaga said...

OK, here's the rundown on Sandra. She won both the Golden Globe and the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress, and she also won the SAG award for Best Female Actor in a Drama Series. My favorite Sandra Grey's moment - when she gets hugged by Bailey's maternity leave replacement (the peppy cheerleader) and she says "Ow ow ow ow ow."

My favorite Sideways line is the Paul G. merlot line. Which I will not post here.

Chicago we need to talk!