Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two Weeks in Mexico - A Recap

I arrived back home Friday night about 8 pm after two weeks trying to help get the Mexico office back on the straight and narrow. I apologize for mostly disappearing without notice but the whole dental thing before I left had me in a real rut. I didn't check in from Mexico mainly because the internet in the hotel was so slow (think 1996 dial up) AND it cost $25 a day. I bought one 24 hour chunk over the weekend but the speed just pissed me off so I didn't post.

Disclaimer: Please do not let my attitude about Mexico deter you from visiting what I am sure must be a wonderful country. Remember that I was there for business and was not able to seek out the decent parts of Mexico City. I am sure Monterey and Cancun and Acapulco must be quite wonderful but I assure you the part of Mexico City I was in was NOT unless you are fond of smelling sewers all day.

The high point of the trip was the flights. I was upgraded to first class on the way down thanks to my medallion status on Delta. That was nice because the flight was delayed quite a while due to heavy thunderstorms in Atlanta and the fact that the potable water on board was not functioning. So we sat and sat and my seat was comfortable and I had leg room so it was no problem. Somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico I hit Gold Medallion status! Cool. So I arrived Sunday early evening.

Monday Jorge and Jorge took us to lunch at a Mexican sushi place. (!!!!). While eating RICE - yes I said RICE - my freaking temporary crown on my root canal tooth came off. I swear I am finding another dentist as soon as the permanent crown goes on Monday morning. For two weeks I dealt with the rough stump of a tooth but it was actually a relief because the temp crown was sensitive and icky.

The weekend I spent in Mexico was spent totally sick. Totally Montezuma's revenge, although it wasn't the water but tacos for Friday lunch. I got sick at about 3 am Saturday and lay in bed the whole day and didn't get out until Sunday at 9 am.

Oh shoot. I just don't have the inspiration to continue. Someday I will go to Acapulco or Cancun or Monterey and I will have another perspective but right now, back at home, I just don't feel like talking about Mexico.

Sam and I did have time to go shopping briefly and he will continue to be my best girlfriend. He is totally straight and has a gorgeous wife and daughter but I can't imagine shopping with anyone else. I bought a great painting and hope to frame it this week.

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