Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Small Home Projects

Now that I am home I am determine to tackle a few projects. I honestly have no idea when my next travel will be. Could be Monday, could be that I sit on my ass for 18 months like last time. Until all the talk of operational visits and new business die down I really don't want to start a major project. What if I start the bedroom and move the bed out and the next day get called to travel? How would it be to come home on a brief break with my bed in the kitchen? So for now I will stick to small projects that can be easily and quickly completed. I've decided on two that will likely be complete before the beginning of next week.

The Mudroom Coat Rack

I love my mudroom now. Before it was a dark, dingy cluttered space. For the past year, since I re-did it and it was totally transformed into a light, welcoming space, it has been a mostly empty space with the barest of furniture and art. I have been planning to hang a bunch of coat hooks in one corner and this project began today. I cut the board to size for both walls, filled the holes from the previous coat hooks, sanded and primed. I put this thing off for over a year and this took all of one hour. First thing in the morning I will put the first coat of high gloss white paint on it. After work I will mount the boards and add a second coat of paint. By Friday I will have the hooks mounted and it will add so much to the mudroom.

I am still looking for a proper bench to replace the cast off piece of shit I have in there now. A small rug will follow. Also I want to replace the ceiling light fixture since it has a brass base and the kitchen and mudroom have chrome fixtures.

The other project is a spice rack. I have a very samll one that has served for many years but these days I tend to buy my spices fresh and in bulk and for very very cheap at the farmer's market. This leaves me with plastic containers that I end up stacking all over the kitchen and pantry and my little spice rack does not have enough room even if I were to get empty bottles to put the spices in. So I have ordered a large magnetic whiteboard and 30 magnetic, clear topped containers and by the end of the week I will have a wonderful spice rack that is totally visible, close to the stove, and in keeping with the rest of my gorgeous kitchen!

Photos will be on the way!

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