Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm Gonna Be So Rich!

Just call me "The Gaga." I checked my Adsense account today and already I have amassed a total of 40 cents!!! Woohooo! And I also checked and they do indeed send out checks once the total meets or exceeds $100, so I figure in about 4 years I'll have a check in hand depending on traffic.

Funny, I was so shy about blogging in December of 2004 when I set up my first blog for the sole purpose of allowing my family of 2 parents and 2 sisters to read about my month (haha) in Japan. Now not so shy at all. It's cathartic and allows me a little creative outlet and primarily it gets me to put things into writing which has the direct effect of allowing me to work things out in my dizzy blonde brain. In 2 1/2 years of blogging I have changed a lot. I'm still outspoken and opinionated and for the past 18 months I haven't had life in an exotic location to write about, only my totally great little life (great except for the attempts at dating that is, but don't get me started again).

Besides Adsense I also recently got an account at Google analytics, which provides cool graphs about the number of visitors to a website, their general location, what OS they use, what browser they use, how long they stayed on the page, where they came from. etc. Very interesting. In the 2 weeks since I signed up I see the maximum number of visitors to my blog has been 8 in one day. I think this covers Mom, possibly Dad, Sister Susannah (the new age nun), sister Page possibly, and Sam (the boss, who last time he was in town told me he thought I should write a book - best insane compliment of my life. Can you imagine that book? I think I missed my market in 1968 when I was 6). Maybe Aussie Paul. Suerk from time to time for sure because HE always leaves a comment telling me how much he loves me (y'all Suerk was my high school English teacher and directed me in Godspell [they are still talking about it 30 years later - no - I'm serious - this is why I have stopped communicating with people from my high school] and drove a VW van with an actual face painted on the front and also rode a cool scooter which is why to this day I covet a Vespa. He also ran 10 miles a day. My first year of college in Boston I was just standing out on Com Ave watching the runners in the Boston Marathon go by and freaking SUERK ran by and I screamed and I totally screwed up his time. He coulda been a contenda.). Sally from time to time and Miss Yawn to Come Hither. And of course Harvey. Arrigatou gozaimasu Ha-bi! So hey y'all!!!!

I've really gotten interested lately in the blog phenomenon and people who actually make a living from it (how do they do that?) and mostly I see they have a "niche." They blog only about home improvement. Or personal finance. Or knitting. Or cats (and if you don't know you simply must see. It's about the silliest thing ever). Or recipes and food. Or gardening. I kind of like all that stuff and it's all a part of my journey right now so I blog about it all in random and sometimes combined order. This is also why I will maybe only be moderately successful in life. So many things interest me that I try to touch on it all and I've always found it difficult to focus on one thing. Sometimes when I sit down to post (like tonight) I get started and then think of other stuff and I go on and on. Honestly there is only one other blogger I have found (so far) who writes the same way - . Don't even to begin to ask me how I found her but it has to do with and George Meegan (personal hero) and Tyler (who is just the greatest kind of wonderful person). Through her I met Harvey in actual person and because of her I have actually spent 2 1/2 minutes considering someday trying a KFC perfect bowl or whatever they call them.

I totally use parentheses too much.

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