Friday, July 13, 2007

If You Hadn't Noticed . . .

If you hadn't noticed I have little ads over on the right ======>. I did this because I am curious to see if people can actually make money this way. If you click on it I make something like ten cents but google doesn't mail a check until I've earned at least $10 or $20 or something like that. DON'T click on an ad more than once per visit (against the rules) but if y'all would have a look when you visit and click it would help this little experiment along . . .

I'm taking a vacation day today and again on Monday. I rolled over 9 days of vacation time last year and needed to use it up because I won't be able to roll any 2006 vacation over to 2008 and if I go to Santiago there will not be any vacation for a while! These two days will at least get me current.

I decided to go to the Farmer's Market today I love this place and rarely go but was reading my latest Prevention magazine last night and discovered some pretty great sounding Greek recipes involving things like quality EVOO and striped bass and italian crusty bread and, well, you just don't find ingredients like that at Kroger. I'm going to post about these recipes a bit later in the weekend I promise.

It's a great day here and not too hot so I'm going to plan to mow the yard. Also on my agenda this weekend is to purge my hot water heater. Will also blog about that later because I think it's a routine home maintenance things that is often ignored but an energy saver. Also it prolongs the life of your hot water heater.

OK - back to my long weekend. Hope you all have a great one and remember to click the ads!

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