Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I just hating posting things like this, but if you don't watch Dancing with the Stars you are losing out on a couple of hours of wide grins every week.

Such a complete wonder to watch people dance, especially when 50% of them have no experience and give their all and train all week to do it to their fullest. It really is something to watch.

Jerry (God help us all) Springer is a contestent this time. And he should have been gone right away. He has no talent for dancing but is loveable because of his self-deprecating nature - a total surprise to me. He kept putting himself out on a limb and somehow he has made it this far. Last night he had to do the Samba, something entirely beyond him, and he just decided "Fuck it. Just do it." And in his dance I thought only of my own father, who gives everything at every moment whether he is capable of the feat or not. If you can't do it wing it with everything in your soul. Jerry was willing to go out on a limb and be a ham and make a joke of himself and he came out entertaining the audience so completely. Same as Dad. My Dad is so very talented - an actor and director and he knows how to use a shovel. And when the rest of us are unwilling to take a risk he is alway there to do so first. A contestent I so despised at first has come to own my heart. Sometimes, even when there are strict rules for entertaining an audience, one must do so within their own abilities and talents. This I promise will be the only time I ever compare my Dad to Jerry Springer. But if you have been watching surely you must love my Dad as much as I do.

I hope this made sense and I hope Dad that you aren't offended by this comparison.


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