Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bookmooch.com - awesome site

After my rant last night I need to give something positive to the world so want to introduce you to this very new website. It was tested in beta in July and only went live in early August. You sign up, enter books you have available to send to people, and earn points. You can request books that are available and even import an amazon.com wishlist. Today I added about 20 books and already one has been requested. I've already wrapped it up. It will cost me about $1.50 to send it media mail but I know I will get books I have requested for free so it's a bit pricier than the library but you can keep what you get if you want! When you send a book you get more points. Yes, postage is involved but what goes around comes around. It sounds to me like a fun way to connect with other readers. It's in that infancy stage now and I am sure there will be enhancements (for instance I would love to have the option of random browsing and now you have to enter a title or author to browse specifically). In other words you have to know what you want to do a search but in that way it's not unlike any online bookstore.

If you are the kind of rabid reader that I am I urge you to check this out. It just makes sense to me. How cool is it to share good books with strangers around the world?

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